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Through the passage of time in a person's life, we go through experiences that wound us silently such as traumas, rejection, injustices, abandonment, unfair treatment and much more. These go unhealed and eventually physical ailments develop which can be stubborn or very difficult to heal. We can also end up living lives that feel numb , tormented, and that are droning on with very little joy.

Take a visit to the Healing Rooms Jamaica where we endeavor to reconnect you with your true self, the YOU that you were made to be, as the Lord frees you from your past and from illness, so you can live your life with a happier, lighter soul and a healthier body.



Healing war room 2024. Coming this March.

About Us

We are a group of individuals from different churches who work in the Healing Rooms in Jamaica where many miraculous healings have taken place, through healing of the soul by the power of God. Each member has strong gifts in prophetic, seeing in the spirit, healing, teaching etc. We don't promote a particular church, but we do promote the love and work of God to heal people completely, inside and out. Even though we are gifted, it is truly the Holy Spirit that does the healing work. We are willing to stand with you in prayerful agreement as the Lord changes your life for the better.

Healing Rooms Team Leader

How we got started

Our Story
Our team leader Dr Arlene Rose-Lewis woke up one morning hearing the words, "You will open a Healing Room". The Lord took her on a journey of learning the nuts and bolts of Healing by the power of God both during her work as a medical doctor and as an intercessor at her Church. She has witnessed the Lord perform hundreds of healings during her time as a healing evangelist. Though it took a few years, the Lord sent a team of individuals who were motivated to join the team and also a location and so it began.

Visit the Healing Rooms

As our guests make appointments and arrive they are placed with 2 to 3 ministers and ministered to for approximately an hour. As you come, expect to be healed and to not leave the same way you came.

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